Tsing Hua

Tsing Hua

Tsing Hua houses are located in Westlake Homes area. Built next to the University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and the Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman (KTAR), Westlake Homes is positioned to be a University township with an array of shops and amenities that cater for the needs of residents.

Tsing Hua位于西湖公寓区。建成毗邻东姑阿都拉曼大学(UTAR) 和 东姑阿都拉曼大学学院(TARUC),西湖公寓的定位像是大学乡镇,以商店和设施阵列能够满足居民或学生的需求

Facilities 设施

Room: Bed, wardrobe, study table, chair, curtains, ceiling fan; and lights.

Common Area: Refrigerator, table, ceiling fan; and lights.

Bathroom: Shower heater.


Services 服务

Laundry service     洗衣服务

Cleaning service     清洁服务

24 hours security service     24小时保安服务

Inclusive of internet service     包含互联网服务

Daily shuttle bus     班车服务