East Tin Campus Suite

Designed for the student in mind, East Tin campus suites offer resort-styled residences for a comfortable and conducive studying environment. With park benches and tables all around the beautifully landscaped gardens, students can study or conduct group discussions without worrying about the privacy and needs of others.

East Tin 校园套房

以高校生深造需求为最先考量的 East Tin,可谓国内首见的产业发展概念 – 利用近似渡假村风格的校园套房,替学子们打造舒适,安全又方便的起居环境。景观花园内遍布的舒适长椅,就是学生们就地讨论和交流的自由空间!

Mr. Lee 012-694 9299 (Office : 05-465 9951)

The facilities and advantages of East Tin

East Tin 的设施和优势


Naturally environment friendly



Laundry service



Wifi access



Community hall for watching tv, group study, dining

交谊厅可供观赏电视, 小组讨论,进餐等


Rooftop garden for chilling out



24hr security with CCTV & petrol service and access card system to all units



Fully furnished with twin beds, wardrobes, study tables, separate toilet and bathroom, lightings, ceiling fan, air conditioning, water heater, flask and refrigerator 



1km from Ktar, Utar and Kampar town